Our QTH: Mount Hohloh near Kaltenbronn

Our contest site is located in the Northern part of the Black Forrest in the South-West of Germany.

The mountain "Hohloh" has a flat top at about 988m and forms the highest point east of the main ridge of the Northern Black Forest. Counterpart is the Hornisgrinde (1164m), which is the highest point of the main western ridge.

Taken from http://www.maps-for-free.com/ under GNU Free Documentation license, Version 1.

As the name "Black Forest" suggests, the mountain top is covered by high and dense trees. A hurricane has devasted the area and cut most of the trees north of our site on 26th december 1999. A lookout (Hohlohturm) is located on the northern part of the plateau. We intend to use this tower in future for the millimeter wave bands (47GHz and up).

Our actual site is quite close to this tower. We have a very good take-off to almost all directions - see the visual horizon computation from Radio Mobile.

To 230 degree, the only direction where our horizon elevation is positive, the Hornisgrinde blocks our propagation. Luckily, there is not much activity from this direction.

In the South the trees begin to become a problem growing more and more - our lowest 1296 MHz antenna is just 20 m above ground which is a bit low already. Also the Alp mountains restrict our take-off slightly. In fact, the Hohloh is probably the most northern place where you can actually see the Alps.

Looking at the relief, you can imagine that we chose a fortunate location, free in almost all directions for hundreds of kilometers. During the contests we regularly establish contacts >1000km (144MHz), >900km (432MHz), and >800km (1296MHz).