Helmut Aubermann DK8SG silent key

It is with deep regret and profound sadness that we have to announce the passing away of Helmut DK8SG. He was the soul of our contest group, holder of the call signs DK0OX and DR9A and owner of the mobile mast and the 2 m equipment that we used successfully for so many years. Helmut was diagnosed with cancer in April and died on 16. November 2019, at the age of 64.

Helmut was bit by the VHF contesting bug in the mid 1970s and since then successfully active most of the time. He has won countless DARC contests as single OP from home and in multi OP teams, the DARC contest trophy both as DK8SG and with DK0OX, and with DR9A 6 times the IARU-R1 VHF contest, 7 times the IARU-R1 70 cm contest, and 3 times the Marconi Memorial Contest. Helmut was member of the DARC section Ettlingen A24.

We will try to continue his work, keep the call sign DR9A alive and - hopefully - win contests.