October 2016: Business as usual

We already started Thursday to install all antennas. Thanks to a big team with Martin DL5NAH, Dirk DL2EAA, Ralf DG3IAM, Helmut DK8SG, Alexander DL8AAU and Henning DF9IC (with some trouble with his knee) we managed to install all 70cm antennas including the nice 8x 23Ele Yagi with no problems at all until it was too dark to work outside. Friday we had support from Helmut DB1TP, Michael DK7UX and again Ralf, Henning, Alexander and Helmut to complete the rest of the antennas (2 Quados and 2 groups of 6 Yagis for 23cm, the 1.6m dish for 13cm and the 1m dish for 3cm). Due to a mistake we killed the 3cm elevation control during testing. Weather wasn't that perfect anymore, but still ok.

Saturday morning was mainly to setup the gear and do some tests. The new 70cm SSPA we tried first in July 2014 got repaired. We tried it, but it still does not like the Hohloh air and died with a big bang during tuning up. So back to the good old tube PA we use normally.

More people came including Tim DK5OH and Max DK5MX from the DA0FF team and Andrea HB9DUR, Ludo HB9EOU and Jens DF5HC. There was some rain, but not really heavy, so we were lucky.

Perfectly on time at 16:00 UTC we started the contest on all 4 bands: 70cm, 23cm, 13cm and 3cm. And what is even more important: we were able to finish without any major defects! The contest went smooth on all bands, livescoring on http://slovhf.net/en/claimed was only really interesting on 70cm, where we were head to head with DL0GTH with them being in lead until Sunday morning. Fortunately we managed to keep the leading position until the end.

On 13cm and especially on 23cm we were at first place all of the time.On 23cm we even suspected a problem on DL0GTH side, as usually they perform better. Finally we finished slightly ahead of OK2A. We almost finished a QSO with F6DRO in JN03 - Dom now needs a bigger PA for next time ;-)

So very good results.

On 3cm at the beginning it looked as if we were competative. We even managed to do some DX by rain scatter to OK. But on the early evening, DL0GTH surpassed us easily... Hohloh may be great on the lower bands, but on 3cm we still have to learn and improve...

We tried Airplane scatter even, but it is far more difficult on 3cm than on lower bands. During midnight we tried with G3XDY and we managed to copy each other, but too short and too heavy QSB to finish a QSO. Planes need to be directly on the path, planes crossing to not work as well as on the lower frequencies.

ODX: 70cm HA6W 895km 23cm HA6W 895km 13cm SK7MW 811km 10GHz PI4GN 532km

The Wifi Link to DK8IP worked like a charm, so we had a good Internet connection for ON4KST chat and Airscout.

Disassembly of the station was ok, almost no rain, lots of helping hands. We managed to leave Hohloh by 20:45 local. All in all a very good contest, won on 3 out of 4 bands...



432 568 99 219.809 HA6W 895 km 387
1296 188 65 70.101 HA6W 895 km 377
2320 69 38 28.747 SK7MW 811 km 421
10G 41 27 11.724 PI4GN 532 km 286

    432 MHz:
    1296 MHz:
    2320 MHz:
    10 GHz:

And the team:

From left to right;
front: Max DK5MX, Andrea HB9DUR, Alexander DL8AAU, Helmut DK8SG
back: Ludo HB9EOU, Henning DF9IC, Martin DL5NAH, Michael DK7UX, Helmut DB1TP, Thomas DF8IJ, Tim DK5OH, Jens DF5HC, Dirk DL2EAA